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Zoot Z Force 3.0 Men's Wetsuit

Yamamoto C39 makes the suit lightweight, flexible and buoyant 3mm SCS GLIDEflex grooved chest panel increases lung expansion, shoulder rotation and extension Aqualift provides maximum buoyancy raising your legs and torso in the water for increased power and speed DORSALflex zipper allows the zipper to stretch with the body OKD - Optimal Kick Design ensures more power in your kick Gender specific ergonomically shaped panels Fabric: Front Body: 4mm Yamamoto C39 Neoprene Back Body: 3mm Yamamoto C39 Neoprene Upper Sleeve: 2mm Yamamoto C39 Neoprene Under Sleeve: 2mm Yamamoto C39 Neoprene Front Leg: 4mm Yamamoto C39 Neoprene Back Leg: 3mm Yamamoto C39 Neoprene Seat: 5mm Yamamoto C39 Neoprene


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