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Look KEO Plus Pedals

• STANDARD KÉO The standard Kéo has been developed with the goal of minimizing weight and a simplified cleat and pedal ensemble, while maintaining compatibility with all shoes on the market. The kinematics function is identical to the standard DELTA pedal. Cleat entry and release is secure and efficient. • LARGE SUPPORT SURFACE The support surface of the Kéo Easy assures stability of the foot on the pedal and good power transmission. • WEIGHT: 129 G Excellent price to weight ratio for this pedal quality due to the a composite pedal body. • AXLE 1 BEARING + 1 CARTRIDGE / STEEL AXLE • The axle system is composed of a cartridge ball bearings (10 mm interior x 19 mm exterior) that support the axle loads and a bearing that supports the radial loads. • LOOK pedal axles are shock and fatigue tested to assure quality and reliability. Axles are approved after a rotational test of a million eccentric (which creates the shock each revolution) cycles at 100 rpm loaded with 90kg loaded on the center of the axle. This is well above the required EN14781 test of 100,000 cycles at 65kg centered on the axle.


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