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ISM Adamo TT Saddle - Black

Ideal Saddle Modification, ISM, has hit another home run with the Adamo Time Trial Saddle. The three areas that are vital to get right on a triathlon bike are the aerobars, shoes and pedals, and the saddle. If there is discomfort or improper position at any of these points of contact it will inevitably lead to slower times and/or loss of energy. ISM understands saddles. They design their saddles to make the rider as comfortable as possible and increase the ability to rotate the hips forward which makes it much easier to get in and maintain the aero position. The ability to rotate the hips forward is extremely important because not only does it increase wattage output, but also lets diaphragm move unrestricted thus increasing breathing capacity. Shipping Weight: 3lbs Specifications and Features Length: 245mm Width: 130mm Water resistant leather cover Titanium Rails Colors: Black


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