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BRAND: Z FORCE by Zoot Sports




These wetsuits are produced by world renowned Zoot Sports, founded in Kona, Hawaii - the home of the Ironman Triathlon World Championships! This triathlon-specific apparel company was founded out of necessity and has continued to delight athletes with innovative designs for almost 30 years, making it one of the top global premier endurance sports brands.

If you're in the market for a high-quality wetsuit with key features at a great mid-range price point… look no further! The Z Force 2.0 Sleeveless Wetsuit offers functionality and flexibility while keeping you warm and looking good. This is a perfect suit for summer - the sleeveless style shows off your arms and keeps you cooler in the water.

This lightweight, flexible and buoyant suit is triathlon guideline-approved for competition (wetsuits are not legal in every race- check the USAT website). The patented GLIDEflex chest grooves and DORSALflex zipper allow for full flexibility, expansion, and stretch while swimming. Gender specific ergonomically placed panels in varying thickness provide comfort while contouring your body to look its best. A basic black suit with simple detailing in blue/white for men and red/white for women keeps this suit classic in appearance.

Z Force has a reputation of fitting a bit smaller than other brands, which is perfect for the more petite or thin-framed athletes out there. They also offer size variations such as "Tall" and "Large" within size ranges, so be sure to check out the sizing guide to compare your height and weight for an exact fit.

If you're looking for an all-purpose, year-round suit, try the sleeved variation - the Men's Z Force 3.0 Wet Suit or Woen's Z Force 3.0 Wet Suit!

DK Tri Store's Wetsuit Fitting Tips:

  • Your suit should fit snugly, but not reduce oxygen supply to vital organs! Ensure that no areas are pinching, rubbing, or cutting off circulation.
  • When trying the wetsuit on, be sure to pull up the suit in sections to the correct location (ankle to knee, wrist to elbow, and so on) to minimize pulling and bunching when fully zipped.
  • Your suit fit out of the water will closely mirror how it fits in the water. Make sure to do some arm rotations and knee bends to ensure you have full flexibility.

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